At DigEnlight, we believe that people should enjoy the kinds of autonomy and freedom online that they do offline. We believe in the value of human rights, democracy, privacy, transparency and accountability for our society.


By understanding how current and future digital technology can best be used to express our identities in the digital world, taking into account the core values we cherish, we can support the rights of the individual in society.


The spirit of the Enlightenment


The 18th century Enlightenment movement was a commitment to forward-thinking, egalitarian principles that caused a seismic intellectual and societal shift, and subsequently allowed innovation and creativity to flourish.


By recommitting to the principles below, we can help realise the potential that digital technology promises for the 21st Century.

  • Society flourishes when all its members, regardless of status, collaborate in its design & governance

  • Intellectual and scientific inquiry should be pursued in service to all

  • Knowledge should be shared as a public good, not hoarded as a private possession

  • People are capable of thinking for themselves


The Enlightenment Metaphor in Action


Increasing numbers of people want to participate in this movement to help determine their own digital destiny. They will truly engage if they think they can participate in meaningful ways.


Our mission at DigEnlight is to advocate for and model effective democracy in the digital world, by creating new platforms where individuals and group members can engage in discussion and cooperation, and eventually, make a difference in their environment and beyond.


Current Agenda

In the coming three years DigEnlight will focus on:

  1. Innovation in the context of Smart environments (including urban living, education, health care and agriculture). There will be special emphasis on new digital skills in these areas.

  2. Data privacy, Ethics and the Rule of Law, e-Regulation. The emphasis will be on policy development for sustainable social structures which integrate respect for human rights and ethical norms.

  3. eID, interoperability of authentication on the web and creating the related tools for industrial and social innovation.


Join the movement

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