NEW in 2021: FIRESIDE CHATS - next event to be announced

The Digital Enlightenment Forum would like to invite you to an online ‘Fireside Chat’

What is this about?

A Fireside Chat is an online informal chat of 1 -1.5 hours. Participants are 6-10 young, promising PhD or masters’ level students/researchers or young professionals and a senior person from the world of policy, politics, industry or academia.

The senior person as a host will kick-off on a theme, followed by an open discussion. You will also exchange on the professional life experiences of the host. And get to know some new people!


Upcoming fireside chats

You can register your interest for these fireside chats:

3 June 2021 at 15:00 CE(S)T - Ilias Iakovidis on Going beyond the dilemma ‘Is digitalisation climate solution or pollution?’

What can you get out of it?

  • Hear interesting insights about a theme that is close to your heart.
  • Pick up practical ideas from an experienced politician, policymaker, academic, entrepreneur, etc.
  • Meet people at the same stage of their professional and academic life as you
  • Perhaps continue staying in touch with them.

   Sounds interesting isn’t?


How can I register?

Simply send an email with a few lines on who you are, what you do, and mentioning the chat(s) you are interested in, to


All the information:

Upcoming fireside chats, content

We especially invite you to register your interest for this upcoming Fireside Chat:


3 June 2021 at 15:00 CE(S)T - Ilias Iakovidis on Going beyond the dilemma ‘Is digitalisation climate solution or pollution?’

Adviser, DG CONNECT, European Commission, Ilias Iakovidis, PhD, is Adviser on digital aspects of green transition at the European Commission, DG CONNECT.

Ilias contributes to EU wide measures and initiatives that aim to improve the energy and material efficiency of ICT, e.g., making data centres climate neutral, digital devices, circular. He is focused on maximising the benefits of green digital transformation for environment & climate, society and economy. Ilias is working on digitalisation for circular economy (e.g. digital product passport) and on the European Green Digital Coalition. He is fostering cooperation of relevant stakeholders to develop consistent and transparent methods to estimate the net impact of digital solutions on environment/climate, and, green digital transformation in sectors such as energy, transport, construction, agriculture and others.
Before 2017 Ilias was leading the eHealth and ICT for ageing units and contributed to the EU Agenda in eHealth field for over 23 years. Areas he pioneered include Integrated Care; 'Virtual Physiological Human'; Personal Health Systems and Electronic Health Records. Ilias has a PhD in Applied Math (USA) and postdoc in biomedical engineering (Canada).
Going beyond the dilemma ‘Is
digitalisation climate solution or pollution?’

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