When: Thursday, Nov 8, 2018, (All day)

Rue du Commerce 123, Brussels, Belgium

In this one-day workshop we expect participants to be actively engaged in addressing the challenge of education and skills provision for the new employment ecosystem that emerges through the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and related digital technologies.

Participants will come from policy, educational institutions and industry and be ready and open for multi-disciplinary debate.

Speakers will present their views on the future of jobs and skills, they will give insights in the innovations happening in the field and existing and/or under development e-learning and “up-training” tools will be showcased.

We strive to enable participants to interact and take new ideas back with them to work out in their own environments or in future partnerships and collaborations.

Final results aim at recommendations for pertinent EU and Member State policy, including for the new 2021-2028 EU Framework Programme.

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