On 8 Nov 2018 DigEnlight organised a workshop on the above subject.

You can find the scope description and the programme at HERE.

In the Library of this space (see tab above) you can find a summary and full report.

A number of questions and ideas came up during the discussions in Panel 3, which I copy below


  1. Why the education is not centralized in Europe? Why Aaron thinks it should not be centralized? Do you have the same opinion?
  2. Who is deciding the curriculae for employees of the European Commission? How the permanent learning is done?
  3. We have developed a mid-career transition online training platform that we would like to make available, which channel is the best to reach learners at scale?
  4. As a student I was very good at numerical reasoning tests. This week I had to do one for recruitment and struggled. Can you forget this skill, become rusty?
  5. How we can access and obtain the lessons presented by Xavier?
  6. Knowledge nuggets - excellent way of learning. Where we can obtain a list of existing nuggets?
  7. Which are the curriculae and learning courses for the people already working in the Commission? Can you give examples of training courses? And certifications.


  1. Education should focus on nurturing creativity so that people are able to ‘learn to learn’ later in life.
  2. Create learning ecosystems, bringing together academia, business and policy makers.
  3. Collaboration, cooperation, critical and creative thinking are the essential pillars of new pedagogy.
  4. Why Education is not centralized all over Europe?
  5. Promoting STEM skills st secondary education level and creating inclusive educational environments.
  6. Stronger promotion of Bologna. EU students are still not mobile enough. Partially because they are unaware of the mechanism that enables them to do their (STEM) Masters elsewhere.
  7. EU level (respected, fraud-proof) digital/entrepreneurial skills certification for online and blended learning.

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