The Digital Skills Hub, powered by ALBA Digital Academy, in cooperation with DigEnlight

aspiration and scope


The Digital Skills Hub is a learning initiative that is part of the Digital Skills Academy. The Digital Skills Hub is addressed to STEM majors and University Graduates and aspires to:

-          Educate STEM graduates with contemporary ICT and AI knowledge and skills &

-          Empower STEM graduates with self- awareness, self – confidence and self - leadership competencies (critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration skills)

in order to assist them pursue a job and build a career in the Digital Economy.

BUSINESS FOCUS/IMPACT: Matching Digital Talents with Corporate Needs

The Digital Skills Hub, aims at connecting individuals with Organizations that are in an evolving and exponential need for digital talent that will assist them to navigate through the challenges of Digital Transformation.


The Digital Skills Hub aspires to establish Greece as an ecosystem/ hub of value creation in the fields of technology and software development.


The Digital Skills Hub will cooperate with the Digital Enlightenment Forum, and the related European expert network to enable the Digital Skills Hub   to demonstrate its viability and sustainability. Our aim is to make this initiative a pilot, catalyst and a showcase model for similar initiatives in EU countries.

characteristics, dimensions & approach


Operating within a disruptive and ever-changing technological environment and in a disruptive market, the Digital skills Hub will be flexible and continuously adapt learning priorities and methodologies in order to successfully respond to changing and evolving technological challenges, needs and demands. It aims at quick and measurable results with skill acquisition programs of relatively short duration that enable those completing them to immediately fill available positions in companies.

The close interaction/ collaboration/ co-creation with local corporations lies at the core of the endeavor and provides opportunities for constant iterations and innovations that will add value both to individuals and employers.


Through its close links with corporations, the Digital Skills Hub aims providing its “graduates” with the opportunity to apply their skills in the industry, through internships that will provide mutual value for the interns and the Organizations.


Through the dynamic interface, joint experimentation and exchange of insights between stakeholders – (Digital Hub “graduates” – employers – corporations – business community, and European Institutions and fora.)  the Digital Skills Hub will serve as a catalyst for convergence of knowledge and the creation of a new environment for technical, business and managerial excellence in the era of digital disruption.


Junior Software Engineer program for STEM Graduates:

Scope: To arm STEM Graduates with the knowledge and the skillset that will allow them to enter the IT Job Market and to pursue a career in software development.

Through a blend of technical and non-technical courses, learning paths, lectures, hands-on work and the delivery of a complete programming project, the programme covers contemporary technologies and tools.  

Duration: 241 hours


Junior Software Engineer Program: Reskilling Software Engineers for  the Digital Transformation:

Scope: The programme aims at offering an updated and digitalization- relevant learning path to Experienced IT professionals that want to re-skill themselves in more up-to-date technologies, tools and frameworks.  Through a blend of technical and non- technical courses that will be covering different technologies and tools, hands-on work and the completion and delivery of complete programming projects, participants will acquire knowledge, skills and competencies that will add value to their companies and will accelerate their career. The program concludes with a series of sessions that aim at empowering participants in their leadership and self – leadership roles, by assisting them to develop “soft skills” and competencies, such as emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, collaboration & teamwork, empathy and resilience.

Duration: 179 hours

Community Outreach: Digital Literacy Learning Series for the Job Market Transformation:

Scope: To offer young university students and fresh graduates of diverse academic background the opportunity to familiarize themselves and better understand the new technologies and methods of software development as well as the basic principles of contemporary internet applications design. Moreover to assist them develop a contemporary skillset and competency set in order to add value to organizations and lead meaningful careers

Duration: 44 hrs

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