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  • Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum

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    Multiple studies performed during 2017 and monitored by the Digital Enlightenment Forum show clearly that the rapid transformations taking place in the new digital ecosystem have a strong and measurable collateral effect on the job market demand and the difficulty of existing educational systems to supply it with suitably skilled human resources. See for more details attachment below.

    Earlier Digital Enlightenment debates have recommended an approach be developed to  combine flexible and hybrid learning mini- courses, self-regulated learning, mentoring and coaching, all aimed at clearly measurable acquisition of skills that are readily recognizable by potential employers.

    A palette of new-generation e-learning tools, existing or to be developed, will need to be effectively integrated into such approach.

    We believe that it is now timely to take up the challenge and bring together knowledgeable people who can collectively and via the trademark DigEnlight interaction shed as much light as possible on how fast and vast this education vs employment disruption is and provide insights as well as concrete recommendations.

     To this end Digital Enlightenment Forum will contribute by organising a one-day workshop on May, 31 2018 in Brussels under the title: “Skills for Jobs in the Digital Era”.

    We expect participants to be actively engaged in addressing the challenge of education and skills provision for the new employment ecosystem. They will come from policy, educational institutions and industry and be ready and open for multi-disciplinary debate.

    Existing and/or under development e-learning and “up-training” tools will be showcased.

    The workshop aims at producing recommendations for pertinent EU policy, including for the new 2021-2028 Research Framework Programme. It also strives to enable participants to interact and take new ideas back with them to work out in their own environments or in future partnerships and collaborations.

     The draft programme is:

                Opening Policy Keynote

      Followed by three panel discussions:

      1. New Jobs, New Skills: Status and Prospects
      2. Up- and re-skilling – Innovative Approaches
      3. New Generation e-Learning Tools for Career Development – Trials and Showcases

    More details can be found in the documents given below.

    For free registration use the right hand column form or send an email to

Friday, March 9

Saturday, November 25 2017

  • Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum

    Digital technologies are affecting the emergence of disruptive business models, challenging traditional hierarchies and creating new commercial value systems as illustrated e.g. by the all-permeating use of data analytics (6)

    It is already amply documented (3) that there are already hundreds of thousands of ICT related job vacancies in Europe and the US across all industry sectors due to lack of suitable digital skills among the young.

    The number of these vacancies is growing as our traditional educational institutions struggle against deeply entrenched entropic resistance to rapid change which, in turn, results in a growing skills mismatch (4).

    In the context of the overall “digital disruption” a drastic re-think of both formal and informal education and skill acquisition programs is taking place at all levels both in Europe, the US and elsewhere to address the issue of digital education and skills.

    Furthermore, Digital Enlightenment Forum (1) debates and reports lead to the conclusion that the sought after “digital literacy” cannot and must not be limited to the necessary prerequisites of the digital equivalent of “reading, writing and arithmetic” but extend to the acquisition of a certain degree of “professionalism”, including:

    • Functional skills (e.g. in data analytics or mobile apps)
    • Critical thinking and selection skills
    • Effective communication and collaboration skills

    There are already budgeted new EU initiatives to address this via the creation of Skills Hubs, usually within an Innovation Hub with a broader scope.

    In a number of EU regions, where the skills mismatch is worse than the average in the EU (see Eurostat) it further aggravates the tragic youth unemployment situation (e.g. Greece, Spain).

    There are in such regions large numbers of young (many with university degrees in STEMS) who are unemployed. At the same time there is a growing demand by healthy and growing enterprises in the digital domain and increasingly, in other business sectors ready to hire candidates possessing suitable ICT skills that they need.

    This is where the idea and ensuing proposal for a Skills Hub comes in.

    Unlike most other EU and US related initiatives it is not proposed to set up a full Innovation Hub (2) but rather just one of the key components of such an Innovation Hub, a Skills Hub which enables young people to acquire, in a relatively short time, functional digital skills which will make them immediately “hirable” by existing companies.

    The approach to be developed will combine mini and “flipped” courses, self- regulated learning, mentoring and aim only at clearly measurable skill acquisition.


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Wednesday, November 22 2017

Monday, November 20 2017

  • Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum
  • Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum
  • Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum

    The Digital Skills Hub, powered by ALBA Digital Academy, in cooperation with DigEnlight

    aspiration and scope

    SOCIAL FOCUS/IMPACT: Employability

    The Digital Skills Hub is a learning initiative that is part of the Digital Skills Academy. The Digital Skills Hub is addressed to STEM majors and University Graduates and aspires to:

    -          Educate STEM graduates with contemporary ICT and AI knowledge and skills &

    -          Empower STEM graduates with self- awareness, self – confidence and self - leadership competencies (critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration skills)

    in order to assist them pursue a job and build a career in the Digital Economy.

    BUSINESS FOCUS/IMPACT: Matching Digital Talents with Corporate Needs

    The Digital Skills Hub, aims at connecting individuals with Organizations that are in an evolving and exponential need for digital talent that will assist them to navigate through the challenges of Digital Transformation.


    The Digital Skills Hub aspires to establish Greece as an ecosystem/ hub of value creation in the fields of technology and software development.


    The Digital Skills Hub will cooperate with the Digital Enlightenment Forum, and the related European expert network to enable the Digital Skills Hub   to demonstrate its viability and sustainability. Our aim is to make this initiative a pilot, catalyst and a showcase model for similar initiatives in EU countries.

    characteristics, dimensions & approach


    Operating within a disruptive and ever-changing technological environment and in a disruptive market, the Digital skills Hub will be flexible and continuously adapt learning priorities and methodologies in order to successfully respond to changing and evolving technological challenges, needs and demands. It aims at quick and measurable results with skill acquisition programs of relatively short duration that enable those completing them to immediately fill available positions in companies.

    The close interaction/ collaboration/ co-creation with local corporations lies at the core of the endeavor and provides opportunities for constant iterations and innovations that will add value both to individuals and employers.


    Through its close links with corporations, the Digital Skills Hub aims providing its “graduates” with the opportunity to apply their skills in the industry, through internships that will provide mutual value for the interns and the Organizations.


    Through the dynamic interface, joint...

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  • Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum


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