In a blog: Block Chain's Occam Problem  Mckinsey expresses doubts on the usefulness of applications of Block Chain, in particular in financal industry, but also on the potential in many other application areas.The blog is a worthy reading.
Particularly also the conclusions that there can nevertheless be real potential in specific cases which would shift ownership on data from corporations to consumers. An excellent example seems to be private Block Chains that give members control (by having the crypto key on the ledger) over who can read the ledger, which could be an extending set of Identity or personal data, personal medical data etc.

Suggestions have been made already on ID management by Kim Cameron (see his "Laws of Identity on the Block Chain" of 27 May 2018 on his BLOG).

Similar ideas can be worked out for e-Portfolios, i.e. ledgers of personal education and experience badges.

The conclusion might indeed be as stated HERE that Block Chain becomes mature and ... boring.