DigEnlight periodically publishes pieces on the cutting-edge of debates on digitisation in society. Some of these are openly accessible, some need to either be ordered or are accessible only to DigEnlight Associate members. We also create reports after workshops, sessions and conferences. For publications accessible only to DigEnlight Associate members, please refer to the associate space.

The foundation of DigEnlight started with the publication of the RISEPTIS Report in 2010.

Digital Enlightenment Series

Security for the Digital World within an Ethical Framework - Digital Enlightenment Series Vol 1 (2017)
Reflecting on the trends in cybersecurity and the architecture of internet governance, the book provides concrete recommendations for policy, ethics and action for policy-makers, industry, and research.

DigEnlight Yearbook 2014: Social Networks and Social Machines, Surveillance and Empowerment
The aim of the book is to bring together all aspects of technology, science, law and politics relevant to the digital environment in order to help us reformulate and address the timely and pressing questions which this new environment raises.

DigEnlight Yearbook 2013: The Value of Personal Data
This books aims to provide an overview of the technologies and regulations concerning  personal data management and discusses the threats to privacy and security.

DigEnlight Yearbook 2012: The multi-disciplinarity of the DigEnlight community
The inaugural DigEnlight publication represents the multidisciplinary diversity of our network, bringing together insights from technology, law, social sciences and policy-makers.

Workshop & session reports

Trusted Data Management in Healthcare Conference, June 2016. Join the space "Health Data" to read the report.

Debate on Digital Ethics, March 2016

The Future of the Internet of Things, November 2015

Report and other information on the debate: Security, Surveillance and Civil Liberty in Cyber Space.

Study Reports

EIT Report: European Transformation of Digital Industry, 2018