The focus of the 2014 DigEnlight yearbook is on the relationship of individual with their networks, and explores "Social networks and social machines, surveillance and empowerment". In what is now the well-established tradition of the yearbook, different stakeholders in society and various disciplinary communities (technology, law, philosophy, sociology, economics, policymaking) bring their very different opinions and perspectives to bear on this topic.

The book is divided into four parts: the individual as data manager; the individual, society and the market; big data and open data; and new approaches. These are bookendedby a Prologue and an Epilogue, which provide illuminating perspectives on the discussion in between. The division of the book is not definitive; it suggests one narrative, but others are clearly possible.

The 2014 Digital Enlightenment Yearbook gathers together the science, law and politics of the digital environment in order to help us reformulate and address the timely and pressing questions which this new environment raises. We are all of us affected by digital technology, and the subjects covered here are consequently of importance to us all.

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