Dirk Helbing (ETH) wrote to the UN in 2017 a series of papers in the Globalist. The essence is: the world may be heading for disaster, but it is not inevitable. We need a new decentralized control paradigm , implying modular designs, diverse solutions and participatory opportunities for all. A new Social Contract aimed at increasing positive externalities, reducing negative ones and being fair. I recommend reading by all.

The series of 8 short articles can be found through below links:

1.     The moral duties of the elites

2.     Rethinking the world economy

3.     A new Social contract

4.     Upgrading todays capitalism

5.     Reform of the Financial System

6.     Digital Democracy

7.     Golden Age of Prosperity and Peace

8.     The World today: A net assessment

Further information about his workin FuturICT in cooperation with others can be found HERE.