About the Digital Enlightenment Forum

DigEnlight is a value-driven non-profit association  committed to a sustainable evolution of digitisation in society with respect for human values and rights as laid down in the European Convention of Human Rights.

We bring together multi-disciplinary experts, professionals and other interested persons discussions to find solution-focused strategies.

We call for people which subscribe to our vision and commitments, to join our Community in debate and policy development on the potential and risks of digitisation in our society, politics and individual life.

This website is primarily a discussion and sharing platform to support and extend our Community. You can read more about our vision and our work.

The best way to make our work relevant for society and yourself is to JOIN US.

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Digital Enlightenment Forum works on the problems of our time concerning the effects of digitisation on people and society.

We do this in multi-disciplinary (including policy, industry, technology, law and social sciences) debate and stimulation of policy proposals.

We call for ideas, topics and engagement from all our stakeholders to set up our programme of work.

To be successful in implementing our programme we need support, including financial support, to implement our programme. 

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